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Introducing Cashee

Cashee offers a digital banking platform and VISA card for teens 13 years and above… and its FREE.
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Doing it, your way.

Earn, Save, Spend and Give digitally. With your very own personalised VISA card, Cashee is your ticket to the world!
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Cashee makes managing money a breeze

Cashee makes managing money a breeze

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Digital money tracker makes keeping track of pocket money and gifts easy
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Engaging savings tool encourages saving money for goals
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Interactive task tracker motivates earning money
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Clear + detailed record of spending helps budget wisely
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VISA spending card lets teens use their money safely
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Fun, simple interface sparks healthy discussions at home about how money works
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No monthly fees.

No subscription fees. No account fees. You shouldn’t have to spend money, to manage your money.
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Cashee has something for all ages and stages

Cashee has something for all ages and stages

Cashee One
Age 5+
99 AED / year, first month free
  • check Virtual money tracker
  • check Create & monitor savings goals
  • check Create tasks & chores
  • check Track your kids spending
  • check Up to 5 child accounts in the same family
Cashee Max
Age 13+
coming soon
  • All features in Cashee ONE plus:
  • check Cashee MAX VISA spending card
  • check Online + in-store payments
  • check Flexible parental controls
  • check Kids can receive cash gifts digitally
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Hassle-free way to keep track of your child’s pocket money

  • check Keep track of your child’s pocket money
  • check Let friends and family send your child cash gifts digitally*
  • check Keep a record of when and where they spend their money
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* available in Cashee MAX

Help your kids understand the value of money

  • check Create tasks or chores for your kids to help them earn their pocket money
  • check Encourage kids to save up for goals in the app’s colorful tracker
  • check Help your children become better spenders
  • check Allows you to have positive, healthy discussions around money
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Give your teens independence with their own Cashee MAX VISA spending card

  • check Send them money safely via their Cashee MAX VISA card
  • check Top up their account instantly - or on a schedule.
  • check Control how much and where they can spend (in-store & online)
  • check Get automated reports and notifications on all the money earned, saved and spent
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* age 13+

Safety is our priority

Safety is our priority

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All funds will be held securely with our partner First Abu Dhabi Bank.
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We follow all required policies and guidelines as stated by the UAE Central Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank.
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Our website and app are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your information safe at all times.

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