Elie Irani

Elie is an IT professional by trade and a personal finance enthusiast. Born and raised in Lebanon and now living and working in Dubai. He has a master’s degree in Business Computing and over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, namely in consulting and professional services management.

Like many of us, he initially had no particular training in personal finance. But a few years ago, he was compelled to improve his situation and started researching financial independence. After reading more than 25 books about the topic, he realized the importance of living a healthy financial lifestyle. This boils down to earning more, spending less, and investing the difference wisely. He also learned that passive investing (i.e. buying and holding low-cost index funds or ETFs) trumps all other alternatives in building long-term wealth.

With his newfound passion, Elie joined SimplyFI.org, the UAE chapter of the Bogleheads® and Choose FI. He started helping others by posting as a member but quickly became an admin and board member of the group. He has then authored the widely popular Getting Started Guide to Index Investing & Financial Independence. 

Following his life-changing discovery of financial independence, he made it his personal mission to spread this transformational knowledge in the Middle East. You could watch his videos about the topic on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/wiseinvestorme You could also read his blog at www.wiseinvestor.me or find him discussing saving & investing on the SimplyFI Facebook group.