Parv Bhadra

Parv Bhadra is a grade 11 student at GEMS Modern Academy. 

Parv has taken a keen interest in innovation since a young age. He's worked on projects such as post-disaster housing and alternative energy generation, winning accolades at the national and international level. He's also had the privilege of representing the UAE at the I-Can Youth Global Change Summit. He's currently a fellow in the Take the World Forward Program where, under the aegis of mentors and faculty from MIT and Harvard, he's working on solving some of the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges. 

Harrowed by the plight of stray & abandoned animals in the UAE, Parv works closely with Animals and Us Fujairah, a no-kill animal rescue and care facility. As a strong advocate of animal welfare, he founded a one-of-a-kind animal welfare club at school that sensitizes the community to the cause and rallies support for animal welfare organisations in the UAE. His work has been featured in the Khaleej Times.

When he’s not playing with dogs, Parv likes to sing, play table tennis and fervently advocate pineapple on pizza.