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Does the Cashee card have any limits?

Your Cashee card does have certain limits as listed below:

Card Limits

Top up (Load) limit for parents
Load Type Limit (AED)
First Load 10,000
Daily load limit 10,000
Monthly load limit(total for month) 40,000
Transfer limit for parents to teen(s)
Transfer Type Limit (AED)
First Transfer 10,000
Daily total limit 10,000
Monthly total transfer 40,000
Spends limits per teen (using Cashee card)
Spend Type Limit (AED)
Max single spend (instore / online) 5,000
Daily total spend (instore / online) 10,000
Monthly total spend (instore / online) 40,000
Maximum balance on account
Account holder Limit (AED)
Parent 50,000
Teen 50,000
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