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What are the charges or fees associated with using Cashee?

At Cashee, we don't believe in hidden fees. These are the full and exhaustive list of charges that are associated with using a Cashee card.

Cashee account and prepaid card

Min balance requirement No Minimum requirement
Cashee Visa prepaid card Free
Cashee Visa perpaid card re-issuance fee(including delivery) 60 AED + VAT (charged to parent account)
Transfers and payments
Top up parent account via credit / debit card (via payment gateway) 5 AED + VAT ( charged to parent account)
Parent to fund teen account Free
Cashee card transactions
ATM withdrawals Service not provided
E-commerce transactions in UAE Free
POS / Contactless transactions in UAE Free
E-commerce transactions outside UAE* 3% transaction value + VAT
POS / Contactless transactions outside UAE* 3% transaction value + VAT
Excessive declines at POS / E-commerce 1AED + VAT per decline (after grace period)
Disputed transactions
Any disputes proven valid by a merchant 50 AED + VAT (charged to parent account)
Disputes which are valid Free
Card closure
Account / card closure fee 25 AED + VAT (charged to parent account)

Note: VAT is applied as per Central Bank of UAE on all charges and fees at a rate of 5%

* Cashee card holders will be given a grace of 3 declined transactions per month, From the fourth declined transactions, they will be charged

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