Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t yet completed the Emirates ID scan. Has my account been created already?
Yes, it has. We simply need your email and mobile number to create your user account. However, you will need to complete the Emirates ID scan to
participate in the Referral Program.
If you need to complete your scan later, simply log in using your sign-up details.

I’ve signed up but I only see the Referral page. Is this right?
Cashee has launched a Referral Program until the full launch of the app, so teens can earn money by referring friends and have a nice sum saved until
they get their Cashee cards.

When can I spend my Referral money?
You will be able to spend your Referral money when you receive your Cashee card when Cashee launches. Until then, please refer and earn more!

Is Cashee safe?
Cashee has partnered up with our Partner Bank and Visa to bring you a unique teen-banking solution in the UAE.

  • All your funds will be held with our Partner Bank
  • We follow all required policies and guidelines as stated by the local laws of the UAE.
  • We take additional measures to have constant back up and firewalls in place to always keep your data safe
  • Cashee will never share your private data with third parties

When will I receive my Cashee card?
With the launch of the full app in April, you will have access to features such as Earn, Save and Spend and an exciting personalized prepaid Cashee card, with the design you have picked already.

Do I need to ask my parent to sign up for Cashee in April?
Yes. We need one parent to register and create a Cashee parent account. This is required as your teen account is ultimately linked to your parent’s account, and this is a requirement as per the local laws of the UAE.

How can I send my parent a link for them to download Cashee?
You don’t need to take any action now. Currently, only teens can participate in the Referral Program. However, when we launch in April, you will receive a
link via the app that you can share with your parent, and they can then create an account.

Do those above 18 yrs also need a parent to co-register?
Yes, currently the process is the same for all Cashee users between 13-21yrs.

How can I add money to my Cashee account?
At launch, your parent’s account is the only source of funds for you. In the future, we may look at other sources such as CDMs, Partner Bank's ATMs etc.

Can I use my Cashee card at ATMs?
At launch, ATM withdrawals will not be possible. The idea is to discourage the use of cash and use money digitally to to make it easy for you to track your money.

I want to delete my account. Can I register again in the future?
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to recreate an account with the same Emirates ID as a security measure. So, if you do request to delete your account, please note that we will be unable to create a new one for you.

Is Cashee available in other countries in the GCC?
Not yet. Cashee is only available to UAE residents between 13-21yrs.

Does Cashee charge any monthly or annual fees?
No, there are no monthly or annual account fees.

Is the Cashee card free?
Yes. The first Cashee card is free. Any cards replaced due to loss or damage are chargeable.

Are there any other charges with Cashee?
Yes, there will be a few charges. All information will be shared very clearly before launch though our website, so you have complete visibility.

Where can I use my Cashee card?
You can use your Cashee card wherever Visa is accepted- online and in stores. Your Cashee card is also compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay
and Google Pay.

Why am I not receiving an OTP?
Cashee is available only in the United Arab Emirates at the moment. So we require users to enter a valid UAE mobile number to receive their OTPs.

I am facing a technical issue. What should I do?
Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will help you sort it out.

I have more questions. Who do I ask?
Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will help answer your questions.

We hope this was useful. We really appreciate your interest and engagement with Cashee.


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